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Tauranga Harbour Crossing – Lucas Engineering and Construction

Brain Perry Civil was awarded a Contract by Tauranga City Council to upgrade the local sewerage system.  This contract included the installation of 1550m of DN800 HDPE pipe by HDD under Tauranga Harbour connecting the sewerage pump system at Memorial Park to the existing sewerage lines at Matupihi. Lucas Engineering & Construction Pty Ltd was BPC’s SUBCONTRACTOR. Lucas’ scope of work was to install a 36” steel casing pipe using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) into which the DN800 HDPE pipe would be installed upon completion.

Stockton was engaged by Lucas to provide technical expert advice and gyro surveying services.

Stockton initially assessed the geotechnical conditions and provided recommendation for recovery and managing potential hazards. Stockton continued to provide engineering reviews and consultation including a final gyro survey of the installed 36” steel casing.

Charles Stockton then acted as technical expert witness for finalisation of the contract.

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