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SA Power Networks New Royal Adelaide Hospital


Client: South Australian Directional Boring (SADB) for South Australian Power Networks (SAPN)

Completion Date: June 2014

Project Scope of Work:

Stockton Drilling Services were commissioned to undertake a series of mapping surveys to accurately determine the installed profile of a series of 160mm and140mm HDPE cable ducts installed by HDD.  The principal contractor, SADB were in the process of connecting a power supply to the New Royal Adelaide Hospital (NRAH) for South Australian Power Networks.

The surveys were undertaken to provide X, Y, Z coordinates and bend radius data for 13 ducts in runs of between 700m and 1000m. The gyro DuctRunner was used to take an accurate X,Y,Z positional reading approximately every 10mm along the entire route. This data could then used to confirm the position, the grade and radius of the installed pipelines.

The DuctRunner  is a gyroscope-based inertial measurement system designed for autonomous recording of positional data of onshore or offshore pipelines. Because the gyro technology does not rely on on-line communication, such as GPS or tethering, it is ideally suited for underground use, regardless of depth or terrain. The system output provides an accurate picture of a pipe’s 3D location when positioning information is instrumental in a network operator’s pipeline integrity program. In addition, several standard diagnostics charts provide specific detailed information

The new network consisted of three underground jointing bays, two sub station bays and two connection bays at the NRAH. Between each bay three 160mm and one 140mm conduit were installed by HDD. On average 2 survey sections were complete each day and after just 7 days the complete network had been accurately mapped in 3D.

The survey data was exported as comma separated value (CSV) files to be viewed in excel. The files contained XYZ, Bend Radius, Azimuth and Pitch. Also a script file was exported that could be opened in AutoCAD and compared to the HDD as-builts.

Results and Client Benefit:

While trying to install a 67mm OD power cable, higher installation loads than calculated were experienced requiring the cable haul to be ceased and the cable extracted.

The survey data allowed accurate pulling tensions to be determined and identified areas, including tie-ins between bores, where remedial works would be required to reduce the hauling loads on the cables. Since completion of the survey a number of runs have been installed and a new power supply has now been provided to the NRAH site.

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