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Marinus Link


Stockton Drilling Services, Australia’s premier shore approach specialist and trenchless designer has commenced work on the Marinus project.

Australia’s energy sector is undergoing unprecedented change, quickly transitioning to cleaner energy sources. New generation is increasingly from variable renewable sources such as wind and solar that are not always available on-demand to meet customer energy needs. Australia’s large fleet of synchronous coal-fired generators is starting to retire as plant reaches end of life. To ensure Australia’s energy supply is affordable, reliable, secure and cleaner into the future, the National Electricity Market (NEM) will need diverse generation and load sources, storage and dispatchable on-demand energy. Greater interconnection between Tasmania and the rest of the NEM – the potential Marinus Link – can support these outcomes and provide significant economic stimulus to regional communities in Tasmania and Victoria.

Marinus Link involves approximately 250 km of subsea HVDC cables and approximately 90 km of underground HVDC cables. A set of HVDC cables between Heybridge in North West Tasmania and the Latrobe Valley in Victoria, with a converter station site at each end, has been identified as best suited to manage the energy transfer capacity of Marinus Link. It is proposed that the link is built in two 750 MW capacity stages, and that the land cables for each stage are located in a common easement.

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