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Successful Contract Award – Caltex Brisbane River


Stockton Drilling Services assisted Dunstans Construction Group by providing technical advice and engineering during the tender for the Catlex BP Products Pipeline. The works include the design and construction of a 1100m HDD river crossing and two 500m HDD’s under existing and proposed infrastructure.

Stockton Drilling Services were engaged by Dunstans Construction Group to produce a preliminary fracture analysis design for Horizontal Directional Drilling of the Brisbane River crossing.

In order to determine the most appropriate and lowest risk design and construction methodology for the project, a number of preliminary studies and investigations were undertaken by Stockton-Dunstans. These included a site visit of the crossing location, Fracture Analysis Modelling and a Risk Assessment.

Stockton will now provide post-award engineering to ensure that Stockton-Dunstans have a design and execution plan that is well engineered, achievable, appropriate to the location and geology, minimises risk and considers contingencies.

Stockton will continue to provide both engineering consultancy and drilling personnel for the construction phase of the project.

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