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Pipeline Surveying/Mapping

Stockton Drilling Services offers pipeline mapping services using state of the art inertia gyro surveying equipment. The inertia gyro provides the first autonomous system to be able check and verify a bores exact position both during drilling and also after pipeline installation. This new quick and easy to use survey system also allows for existing services to be accurately mapped and added to existing databases.

Our tools take an accurate X,Y,Z positional reading every 10mm along the route. This data is then used to not only confirm the position, but also the grade and radius of the installed pipeline.

The gyro system is designed for autonomous recording of positional data of onshore or offshore pipelines and because it does not rely on on-line communication, such as GPS or tethering, it is ideally suited for underground use, regardless of depth or terrain.


  • Not affected by magnetic interference.
  • Above ground access is not required for surveying.
  • Rapid deployment and instant data analysis ensures accurate results with minimal downtime.
  • Achieves survey speeds of up to 2 m/s whilst continuously logging 100 XYZ measurements per minute.
  • Produces open platform output files for seamless integration of data into most commonly used GIS platforms.
  • Incorporates 3-D bend radius analysis.

Applications include:

  • HDD/Trenchless pipeline construction – reliance on pilot hole data to represent the as-built position of the installed pipeline after numerous reaming passes is not always accurate.  Steering patterns, reaming assemblies and formation changes can effect the final hole shape.  The gyro can determine progressive changes in hole shape and position after each reaming pass, with a final survey after pullback to verify the exact position and bend radius of the installed pipeline.
  • Pipelines installed by open cut.
  • Where independent verification of locations is required after installation.
  • Confirming the exact location of existing pipelines, particularly where they may have moved or to prevent disturbance to the pipeline by new activities.

Measurement and Process:

  • The tool is fitted with interchangeable centralising wheel units and pulled through the pipeline using a variable speed electric winch (alternative means of propulsion such as pigging and pumping could also be used).
  • 30+ sensors including gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers and thermometers passively log data at 100Hz.
  • Sensors are calibrated to 0.01 degree.  The Calibrated Accuracy of the gyro is 15cm over a 500m distance.
  • Processing software transfers the data from the gyro to a PC and relates the path travelled to the entry and exit coordinates, creating an accurate 3-D image.
  • Results can be viewed as 3-D images, AutoCAD files, bend radius graphs and tabulated positional data.

gyro output file 3D view    gryo output file data processing

 “Be certain of your pipeline’s location.”

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