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HDD Quality Control (QC)

Stockton’s have be working with Clients over the last few years to increase the quality, reliability and performance of HDD Contractors in Australia by ensuring best practices are recognised in the design and employed during construction.

Our specialist Field Service Inspectors are employed by Clients in a site based role to monitor and review the quality of all factors involved in HDD construction process.

We employ systematic measurement, comparison with best practice, monitoring of processes and associated feedback to prevent costly and timely mistakes. We ensure a quality product is delivered by using a controlled construction process.

Our QC process includes monitoring and inspection of contractors:

  • Program,
  • Drilling equipment,
  • Drilling fluid products,
  • Down hole assemblies,
  • Drilling practices, and
  • Site management.

Daily progress reports are compiled that are succinct and focused ensuring pipeline owners are informed of key achievements and concerns.

The advantages of employing a QC Inspector are:

  • Compliance with the scope, specification and industry best practice through continual monitoring by personnel who understand the Client’s requirements and the technical aspects of the job.
  • Environmental impacts are minimised, and where possible avoided, by continual monitoring of the Contractor’s activities and by having an experienced person on site to manage any incidents as they occur.
  • Continual monitoring of the Contractor to ensure they maintain safe systems of work and equipment and providing guidance to ensure safe operations.
  • Avoidance/minimisation of schedule delays and cost impacts by ensuring risks are identified early and managed appropriately.
  • Project efficiency as there is a technical specialist on site at all times monitoring progress, identifying issues before they arise, providing guidance, assisting with problem solving, evaluating technical proposals and monitoring breakdown stoppages.

“Stockton field personnel will ensure contractor compliance and delivery of a quality product. Helping bring best practice, world class safety and environmental performance to your next crossing.”

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HDD Quality Control (QC)

Stockton’s have be working with Clients over the last few years to increase...

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