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Victorian Desalination Project HDD Works – Design and Construction

Client: Ancon Drilling / Department of Sustainability and Environment (Victoria)

Services Provided: Project Management and HSE Management

Completion Date: November 2008

Project Scope of Work: 

The project involved the installation by HDD of intake and outlet pipes for a water sampling unit at the site of a proposed desalination plant at Wonthaggi in Victoria.  Two 500mm OD HDPE pipes of total length 1,300m were installed from the proposed plant site under an environmentally sensitive dune system and intertidal zone to the seabed, approximately 900m offshore.

Stockton Drilling Services was commissioned by Ancon Drilling to provide the Project Management and HSE Management services for design and construction of this HDD project.

This project had a number of constraints including; strict environmental restrictions, unconfirmed ground conditions prior to drilling, adverse weather and sea state conditions and a short design and build contract timeframe.  As such, a number of challenges arose during the project, which required a combination of good management, good record keeping and analysis and new technology developments.

Results and Client Benefit:

Stockton Drilling Services played a key role in the successful completion of this challenging project.  This included overcoming loss circulation and the design and development of a methodology to allow for a sidetrack to be performed out of the top of a 28″ pre-reamed hole.

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