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Arrow Energy Narrows Crossing – Feasibility Study

Client: Arrow Energy

Services Provided: Engineering

Completion Date: February 2012

Scope of Work:

Stockton Drilling Services were engaged by Arrow Energy to evaluate the feasibility of alternative methodologies to tunnelling for constructing a 6 km crossing from the mainland to Curtis Island for the Narrows Crossing.

The objectives of the study were to:

  • Determine if there are feasible alternative construction methodologies.
  • Develop a schedule and budget estimate for any feasible methodologies so that Arrow Energy can determine whether these alternative methodologies are to be carried forward in the design and tendering phases.
  • Ensure that any major risks/issues associated with the alternative methodologies are identified and addressed.

The study considered pipeline crossing options including HDD, Direct Pipe and Open Cut  and included the following scope of work:

  • Review of the existing documentation and studies from Arrow Energy and other relevant projects in the area.
  • Review and assessment of the available geological and geophysical data.
  • Identification and review of alternative construction methodologies and their feasibility for this project.
  • Selection of the two most favourable options and development of high level project proposals for these options.
  • Development of schedule and budget estimate for the most favourable options.
  • Evaluation of the major risks, constraints and issues associated with each option.

Results and Client Benefit:

“…Many thanks for the work you and your team have done to date.  Your objective views have enabled us to arrive at this decision in a timely manner…” – Ian K. Grimmer 
Engineering & Estimating Manager, Arrow Energy.

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