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Stockton Drilling Services’ Gyro Projects – First for Australia


Stockton Drilling Services have recently expanded their trenchless pipeline engineering and project management consulting capabilities to include pipeline mapping services using a state of the art inertia gyro.  The inertia gyro provides the first autonomous system to be able check and verify a bores exact position both during drilling and also after pipeline installation. This new quick and easy to use survey system also allows for existing services to accurately mapped and added to existing databases.

The first two projects completed by Stockton’s with the gyro demonstrate the value and versatility of such a tool in providing assurance regarding the exact position of underground pipelines. It is thought to be the first time this type of gyro has been used in Australia, although this type of technology is now commonly used in Europe and the US. The first project progressively mapped installed HDPE conduits at the Longford Gas Plant in Sale Victoria. The second application was for MCJV, on a Narrows HDD crossing in Gladstone Queensland, to confirm positional data and bend radius of a drill pipe after completion of pilot hole drilling operations and prior to reaming.

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